Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Negative to Positive

        What’s worse, the break up or the heart break? I am still trying to figure out that question. I know everything happens for a reason...but to me, it’s hard to understand when the “where did it go wrong?” can’t be answered because in between it all, it’s still unknown.
         The hardest part is remaining positive. Remember, you can’t change what happened so just make yourself better and not bitter. It’s hard to not be upset sometimes, not be angry but it all gets better, you get better. People walk in and out of your life for a reason and you learn from them. What is meant to be will find its way (I know it’s cliché) but sitting and over analyzing everything will not make the situation better. It takes time to fully accept that the person you love is now a memory… and as for me, a beautiful memory. But when all falls apart, keep reaching for the stars.
         Find yourself, love yourself, do what you love! Keep pursuing your goals and dreams. I have kept myself so busy that sometimes I don’t even have time to think. And what happens when I want to break-down, (because it’s normal to have those days..) I run. Focusing myself to being healthy, feeling good, and becoming a better student really helps. I was taught to always turn my negatives into positives, and that is what everyone should learn to do.
         As for the “getting over” part...let time work it’s magic because unfortunately there’s no delete button for feelings. Don’t forget time heals all wounds. Of course, I will always wonder “what if…” but hey! that’s okay, right? So, if you can relate- be positive, love yourself first and keep moving. When a heart breaks it never breaks even…so be the strong person you know you are.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Start Now.

         Are you someone who has big dreams? Do you not know where or when to begin? Well, don’t be scared, start now. Time doesn’t stop for anyone *sigh*. What is stopping you from pursuing your dreams and goals? Stop and think about that for a moment….

         Well, I am a college girl with big dreams. Just like anyone else, I want to travel the world, go on adventures, get my dream job, be in love, and get married (someday). So one day it hit me. What am I waiting for? This is the time to start reaching my goals, little by little. Of course, it all seems scary, but success doesn’t come easy. One thing that does get me through the day knows I am not alone. Which why, whoever is reading this; you should know your not alone either! The majority of people we look up to had to struggle as well. But they obviously had to start somewhere, right? At one point in life, people realize to “start now.”
         Always remember fear is stupid. If you can overcome fear, you can overcome anything. Everyone has the fear of failure, because honestly, I fear of failing too. It’s natural and it’s okay. Fall seven times and stand up eight! I believe in never giving up. Life tends to throw you many obstacles, just prove that you’re strong enough to beat them.
         I am thankful for being able to get the education I am getting, preparing myself for a bright future. I want to beat the fear. I do not want to look back in life and say, “what if” or “why didn’t I do this.” I want to share with people my talents, experiences, my love for beautiful things in life, my goals, and dreams. So should you! So start now and open the door to a wonderful future.