Sunday, October 27, 2013

Start Now.

         Are you someone who has big dreams? Do you not know where or when to begin? Well, don’t be scared, start now. Time doesn’t stop for anyone *sigh*. What is stopping you from pursuing your dreams and goals? Stop and think about that for a moment….

         Well, I am a college girl with big dreams. Just like anyone else, I want to travel the world, go on adventures, get my dream job, be in love, and get married (someday). So one day it hit me. What am I waiting for? This is the time to start reaching my goals, little by little. Of course, it all seems scary, but success doesn’t come easy. One thing that does get me through the day knows I am not alone. Which why, whoever is reading this; you should know your not alone either! The majority of people we look up to had to struggle as well. But they obviously had to start somewhere, right? At one point in life, people realize to “start now.”
         Always remember fear is stupid. If you can overcome fear, you can overcome anything. Everyone has the fear of failure, because honestly, I fear of failing too. It’s natural and it’s okay. Fall seven times and stand up eight! I believe in never giving up. Life tends to throw you many obstacles, just prove that you’re strong enough to beat them.
         I am thankful for being able to get the education I am getting, preparing myself for a bright future. I want to beat the fear. I do not want to look back in life and say, “what if” or “why didn’t I do this.” I want to share with people my talents, experiences, my love for beautiful things in life, my goals, and dreams. So should you! So start now and open the door to a wonderful future.


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