Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Time, where do you go?
some days feel like an eternity
and others just speed by.
Why do you slow down durning bad times,
but fly by durning the good times?
Time changes the seasons and the weather.
Time takes us from young to old.
Time let's me appreciate life
but time, where do you go?
why don't you ever stop?
Time has made me a strong person
Time has made me learn my lessons
I have laughed, I have cried
through the best and worst of times.
but time, where do you go?
Time has never been enough
Time has taught me how to love
Time has given me heart-break
but when do I know I've had enough?
Time will help me fulfill my dreams
but will time grant my wish?
will I ever know where the time goes?
Only time will tell...


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