Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Taste of My Work

Hi y'all!
     For the past couple of days I have been working on the Bless Your Heart segment with my group! A little intro: Bless Your Heart is apart of LOQation (the news show I'm in/work for on campus) hosted by a close friend of mine, JennaRose. This semester I got lucky enough to become apart of the BYH team! Which makes me beyond happy because Jenna & I work soooo well together. This first episode of the semester for BYH we interviewed students who studied abroad in the fall. I wanted to share this work with all of you because I am VERY proud of how well it came together! We did some awesome teamwork with filming as well! Also because I am very proud of myself for editing the entire thing & putting it together :) I will tell ya one thing is for sure, it takes time & is not as easy as it looks! For those who are wondering, in the edit bays we are using Final Cut Pro!
I love this segment especially too because i LOVE everything about traveling. Hearing about all of these experiences makes me want to pack my bags right this second!! (....hopefully soon I will) haha!

As Jenna would say, Bless Your Hearts everyone!


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