Friday, January 31, 2014

Lunch Outing!

Hi y'all!!
This afternoon I went to A Taste Of Britain in Wayne, PA with two of my girl friends. It's a nice little café which makes you literally feel like your brunching in the UK! (my dream country to visit by the way!!) It felt so homey & was very welcoming. I definitely recommend everyone to try it out! The vintage tea cups were absolutely adorable! They had lots of yummy tea options, which made it so hard to pick! And the food was tastey! I definitely enjoyed my meal :-) Overall, I had a great experience & I loved it. Now let's hope I can actually make my way to England someday!

Peach Green Tea.

Carrot Soup.

Can't go wrong with vintage grandpa sweaters & some tea :-)

Chicken Pot Pie.

Lemon Scone with Raspberry Jam.


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